AltaPay gives Boozt a One-Stop, highly efficient payment solution

Better prices, better service

“We began, and have now chosen to continue, with AltaPay because we just don’t think we can get the same prices or the same attention elsewhere,” says Allan Junge-Jensen, CFO for Boozt Fashion AB. “They’ve really stepped up. They’re very proactive. They pay attention to our challenges and solutions, and they negotiate good prices for us. They have a better understanding of the terms and conditions you can achieve with settlement banks.” Junge-Jensen says.

A one-stop service shop

According to Junge-Jensen, even more important than the competitive prices that AltaPay gets is the fact that they act as a one-stop service shop. “For a business like ours that’s expanding and has to deal with multiple currencies, different IDs and various payment options for our customers, it’s critical that we have one service partner who handles it all in an efficient way. Otherwise administration would explode.”

A truly international service provider

Junge-Jensen says that a business can always find local payment providers. “However, if your business takes you across borders as online business often does, then you need a truly international service provider” For example, Boozt might have had to seek a supplementary payment provider after they began to expand throughout Europe, but AltaPay handles payment options throughout the EU.

In addition to payment options, there are many examples of how AltaPay consolidates operations efficiently. They take care of administration with acquiring banks and special payment options on behalf of Boozt. They also offer a complementary solution via factoring partner, Gothia. The result? Only one system integration for Boozt.

And a smart software solution, too

In addition to all the service help and options, Boozt is also enthusiastic about the actual software solution.

“The interface is quite good; we can see pretty much everything about any given transaction. And the front end is cool because it can be styled so our customers perceive our check-out interface as part of the same business,” Junge-Jensen says.

In short, Boozt got a streamlined, cost-effective solution, and a fullservice partner that is helping them grow.

Fast facts

The customer

Boozt was established in 2009, and has since grown rapidly as a full-service eCommerce provider that helps European merchants profit online.

The challenge

Boozt needed a payment solution provider that could keep up with the pace of their rapid international and entrepreneurial growth.

The solution

AltaPay serves as a one-stop payment solution partner. They offer proactive service, lots of options, competitive prices and a flexible, integrated system.