Payments Less Complicated

AltaPay's mission is to give control to our clients over payment flow, UI, data and cost transparency - enabling change, growth and global expansion.

About us

At AltaPay we love a challenge.

Whether you want to accept payments online, in-store or over the phone, are expanding internationally, looking to consolidate service providers, add/merge sales channels or implement an omni-channel experience, AltaPay have the solution.

Our unique approach to automation gives our clients full visibility over their transactions, plus fully reconciled settlement and cost information. We also provide freedom over how data is grouped and formatted, and support many leading ERP systems. This saves time by removing the need for manual intervention.

At AltaPay we believe life should be less complicated, and a good place to start is how businesses get paid.

Explore our milestones:
EOY 2016
Pan EU Omni-channel payment processing and financial data reconciliation
May 2015
Awarded NetSuite partner of the year
April 2015
POS payment services launched in Denmark as 1st part of multi-channel strategy
May 2014
Rebranded to AltaPay and moved to new HQ offices
April 2014
Signed agreement with BooHoo
September 2013
VendaPay launched and first Merchant live on VendaPay
June 2012
Cash flow positive
February 2012
Decision to partner for POS part of multi-channel and concentrate capabilities around eCommerce
October 2010
Open offices in the UK
September 2010
Established GmbH, in Germany
August 2010
Established Inc. in the US
March 2010
External investment to pursue Microsoft Referral Agreement for multi-channel payment solution
August 2009
First version of own new platform deployed
December 2008
Founded in Copenhagen in with the purpose of delivering value added payment services to international omni-channel Merchants