Case Studies: Best Direct

BestDirect: Superior support makes all the difference

When BestDirect set out to expand their online shop to Scandinavia, there was more than one vendor who could meet their basic criteria. However, AltaPay got the job because they could offer a competitive solution accompanied by superior support and high levels of service.

A few business musts

BestDirect needed a system that could handle the local online payment methods (e-payment, credit card, and Open Invoice) as well as the local currencies in Scandinavia. It also went without saying that the solution needed to provide a secure, stable and smooth purchasing experience. AltaPay convinced them that they really wanted to do business. That they could meet their basic needs – and then some.

"I never worked with a company who have such open-minded attitude and dedicated service," says Sundus Jeppsson, planning and logistics manager at BestDirect.

A hard bargain on behalf of BestDirect

The first test that AltaPay excelled in was the price negotiations with banks. "I looked at two or three suppliers, but AltaPay cut a better deal for us. From day one, we talked very honestly. We showed them the figures. I needed to understand if they could compete and they certainly could. They were very keen to get the business on the table," Jeppsson says.

But would they be there when needed most?

Jeppsson and BestDirect were looking for more than just numbers. Every IT solution has glitches and all businesses change and need ongoing support. BestDirect wanted a partner that would be there for the long-term and when they needed it most.

"We wanted more than just a hit-and-run vendor. More than just someone who would say, 'here's a good price, and then disappear when we were battling with problems in-house or needed a new kind of report, for example," Jeppsson says. AltaPay convinced Jeppsson that they would be there for them, and she hasn't been disappointed.

A smooth implementation

After the agreement was settled, AltaPay visited BestDirect in Spain for a one-day workshop. They took the lead in guiding the IT department through the integration. AltaPay prepared everything in advance, tested it fully, and once approved, launched the site. BestDirect were up and running in Scandinavia.

Never a negative word

Although the launch was fast and smooth, there was an integration issue on Best- Direct's side of the platform that hindered them from viewing all the transaction information themselves. AltaPay worked non-stop to sort it out.

"They were absolutely brilliant," Jeppsson says. "Always taking on challenges in a very big and welcoming way, always coming with fast answers, guiding us through problems and coming up with fast solutions."

"They never bothered us or complained that it was a heavy job. They communicated every day, looking for websites, files, purchases, amounts, figures in an amazing way and guiding our IT department the whole time," she says.

Everything in order from A to Z

BestDirect have been totally satisfied with AltaPay. When they began the partnership, everything was specified.

"It wasn't 'sign the agreement and see how it goes'," Jeppsson say. "There has been an open line of communication and whenever there was an issue, they were there to help."

What's more, the system has functioned impeccably both on the back and front ends.

"It's worked perfectly," Jeppsson says. "The shop has never been down. And on the back end, I get a great overview. I can see all the all the accounts, customers, refunds, purchasing, everything. It's a brilliant solution."

Fast facts
The customer

With the coming of age of eCommerce, BestDirect has taken decades of television and demonstration selling and adapted it to a thriving online business.

The challenge

BestDirect planned to enter the Scandinavian market. In order to succeed, they needed a vendor that could negotiate a good price for them, handle multiple payment and currency options and offer strong, long-term support.

The solution

AltaPay met all the basic criteria and then some, offering not only a competitive solution, but superior support and open lines of communication.