Case Studies: JetClean

AltaPay provides the best payment gateway for JetClean

JetClean is a service that helps customers with dry cleaning and laundry. With a tap on JetClean's website the customer can order a pick-up directly to their home or workplace. JetClean dry clean or wash the clothes and bring it back clean and pressed.

The most efficient payment solution - now and in the future

Since 2016, JetClean has used AltaPay for payment processing. "JetClean's ambition is to expand to major cities with large populations and high incomes in the near future. With AltaPay this plan can be executed easily, as they have the capacity and expertise to complete the task." says Arash Rahimi, Managing Partner of JetClean. "The friendly people at AltaPay always offer an excellent service and put effort into understanding our business, which is why AltaPay is suitable for us.

Global expansion partner

From JetClean's perspective, AltaPay has obvious advantages, as we want a partner that can provide us with services in Denmark - where we are located now - but also abroad in a very near future. To start with, we want to expand to Sweden and AltaPay is undoubtedly our first choice, as they have already provided a reliable payment gateway here in Denmark.

Reliable and easy access payment

For a relatively new business such as JetClean, it is vital to have reliable and easy payment gateway, as we are immensely dependent on our excellent reputation. It is of the utmost importance to ensure security to our customers since many rely on us when they register to our website.

With AltaPay we have not experienced any flaws or complication during any transactions. On the contrary, AltaPay have shown professionalism and compared to other suppliers, they have taken our requests seriously and helped us throughout the whole process.

Highly recommended service

JetClean's CTO, Asem Raza, has also had a pleasant experience and adds: "AltaPay provides payment solutions for many large companies. Although JetClean is a relatively new business, the AltaPay team has offered to help us along the way so our team can easily implement the payment solution quickly and efficiently. I can highly recommend AltaPay and hope to continue a suitable relationship with them for many years to come."

Fast facts
The customer

JetClean was established in 2016, and has since grown rapidly as a service that helps customers with dry cleaning and laundry.

The challenge

JetClean needed a payment advisor that could keep up with the pace of their international expansion and entrepreneurial growth.

The solution

AltaPay offered consultation service, the needed payment options, competitive prices and a flexible, integrated system.