Case Studies: Trollbeads

How AltaPay helped Trollbeads open the gates for us sales

Towards the end of 2010, Trollbeads faced a critical turning point for their business. They needed a solution that would enable their US retailers to order jewelry online using credit cards - and they needed it fast.

Options that open doors

When they realized they had to take over the distributor function for the US, Trollbeads went looking for a payment solution provider that could provide what they needed without a lot of hassle.

"We chose AltaPay because their solution allows our retailers to use any credit card they want," says Niels Robin Aagaard, Chief Systems Officer for Trollbeads.

"We're an international business, and our long-term goal is to offer as many distributors in different countries the option to pay by credit card. If, in the future, we want to offer this option in Europe, I know that AltaPay can also handle the euro. Rather than limit our business, AltaPay gives us a wide array of options that open doors."

Fast, flexible and responsive

As with any deployment, this one didn't go live without issues. But AltaPay helped them proactively through the whole process.

"For example, about a month and a half ago, I returned from a trip to the States where I had gathered feedback from our retailers," Aagard says. "I immediately wrote Christian [AltaPay CEO, Christian Rasmussen] when I got back home. And well, within a week, I'd met with him, the COO and support staff, and they hammered out an actionable plan addressing every issue. Now they're helping us improve the system."

One of the improvements was based on a request from US retailers to allow them to store their credit card information rather than having to re-enter it every time.
"The lack of intrusiveness is one of the beautiful things about the system," Aagard says. "I won't have to worry about storing credit cards, just the AltaPay ID number. We'll let AltaPay worry about storing the credit cards."

AltaPay's job is to enable business - and that's just what they do

Both in terms of integration and service, Aagard reports that the AltaPay philosophy is to add value in the smoothest way possible. In terms of human interaction, that means listening and then acting swiftly and proactively.

When it comes to the payment gateway solution, it means that the only point where Trollbeads' online customers (in this case, retailers) interact with the AltaPay system is when they complete the order and check out.

"When the credit card storage function is added, they'll also have to interact there as well. But the point is, the minimal touch points make the experience smooth for everyone. The less intrusive it is, the smoother the process," Aagaard says.

With a fast implementation, responsive service and a work relationship that focuses on continual improvement, the partnership between AltaPay and Trollbeads has proved to be very smooth and fruitful.

Fast facts
The customer

From a small family-owned jewelry shop in Copenhagen to an international business success, Trollbeads brought the world the original designer charm-bead bracelet concept.

The challenge

Trollbeads were under timepressure to take over the online payment service aimed at their US retailers.

The solution

AltaPay stepped in and implemented a system in three months that pushed the gateway for US sales wide open. What's more, as a responsive business partner, they're continuously looking for ways to improve the solution together with Trollbeads.