Our Team

We pride ourselves on combining our expertise in the field of international payments with IT excellence for the benefit of our customers.

Christian Rasmussen
CEO and Co-founder

Prior to founding AltaPay, our CEO held several executive positions in leading global and European IT and Software companies, including Hewlett Packard, Siebel Systems, BasWare and Ibistic Technologies. In addition to heading AltaPay, Christian Rasmussen has also served as Chairman of the Board of Inndevelop Technologies.

Jesper Beyer-Clausen
International Head of Sales and Co-founder

Jesper Beyer-Clausen has dedicated over 20 years of his career to the payment industry and has held numerous senior positions with both acquirers and merchants. He has played a pivotal role in several groundbreaking initiatives, which have defined the eCommerce payment industry as we know it today. This unique experience has given him unrivalled know-how and expertise, allowing AltaPay to build unique solutions for all stakeholders in the payment industry.