How AltaPay's merchants can benefit from Apple Pay

Mobile phones are now at the heart of everything we do, from communication to information and now payments - the applications of mobile technology are almost limitless.

One of the most popular mobile payment methods is Apple Pay, because of its ease of use, safety and ability to allow customers to make quick payments in comparison with a physical credit or debit card. Having launched in Denmark in October 2017, Apple Pay can be used in conjunction with the most common payment cards including VISA, MasterCard, Jyske Bank and Nordea.

The app can be used in restaurants, supermarkets, shops, hotels - virtually anywhere that accepts card payments. All big-name supermarkets and convenience stores in Denmark are already making use of this technology, and over 5,000 online retailers throughout Scandinavia accept it too.

Why Apple Pay?

1. It's secure
Your customers can pay for goods and services in a secure manner, safe in the knowledge that their data is protected.

2. Tokenisation
Apple Pay protects sensitive information by replacing it with algorithmically generated numbers – a token – to protect against fraud. This provides both customers and vendors with complete peace of mind that transactions are legitimate.

3. It’s an important mobile payment method
Our smartphones are responsible for so much of our organisation nowadays, so it makes sense to offer your customers a streamlined way to pay via their device.

4. It’s user-centric
With two-factor authentication via touch ID, Apple Pay users have confidence when making payments.

5. App compatibility
If you’re an online retailer, Apple Pay can integrate with your payment software.

The benefits of Apple Pay for vendors
Looking to improve your customer UX? Why not provide consumers with a frictionless means of checking out via their iPhone, iWatch, iPad or iMac? Research suggests that convenience and streamlined checkout processes are important when it comes to driving those conversions. By implementing Apple Pay, you can expect to decrease checkout times by as much as 60%.

How easy is it to set Apple Pay up?
With AltaPay, you can use your existing acquiring contract to implement Apple Pay, meaning it couldn’t be simpler.

When your customer initiates Apple Pay on your website, you’ll receive their information along with a “token”. These details are forwarded to AltaPay who will decrypt the token, run the payment to the acquirer and respond to the merchant with a processed payment. It’s the new way to pay made simple.

AltaPay streamlines all your payment methods and gives a fully reconciled settlement and cost information overview.

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