The power of Omni-Channel Payments for retailers

As technology continues to advance at exponential levels, so too must the ways retailers deliver services to their customers. Take five years ago, for example – the thought of customers making a purchase on their watch would have been unthinkable. Now it’s a reality for millions of retailers.

To gain an insight into the importance of omni-channel payments, one needs to simply glance at the space around you and count the number of devices with internet connectivity. From phones to tablets and smart televisions to games consoles, each of these touch-points is a potential sales generator – and in the future, we’re only going to see more.

Seamless experience

Customers want the ability to pay anywhere, anytime, while having a hassle-free experience across different channels. As society becomes increasingly global, the demand for single payment views across all stores in all regions grows. Customers also value the ability to make secure payments online while having the ability to receive a refund in any store or country should the need arise – and the convenience factor of omni-payment services simply cannot be underestimated.

Omni-Channel Payment Solutions are multi-language as standard, offer P2P encryption and are easy to integrate into an existing setup. With tokenisation, it’s easy to accept alternative payment methods from any channel, and any country. This is particularly important for businesses who want to capitalise on emerging markets, where unprecedented growth is estimated in the forthcoming decade.

What Omni-Channel Payment Services bring to the table

  • One connection for all payments
  • A completely integrated, truly global card present/card not present solution
  • A track record of consumer purchase history available to all participating merchants
  • Tokenised payments
  • Easy implementation of loyalty schemes/gift cards
  • Multiple acquirer connections through one gateway

One simple platform

Omni-Channel Solutions offer a host of benefits to retailers, too. Just imagine only having to deal with one platform to streamline the sales, payments and returns processes. This removes all transactional friction and reduces operational overheads, consolidating all of this into one single connection for all kinds of payments – from instore to online, and everything in between. While technology is constantly changing, the adoption of a true omni-channel payment solution is undoubtedly the next step for forward-thinking retailers.