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An AltaPay payment advisor will be in contact with you shortly to follow up on your interest in AltaPay’s payment solutions.  In the meantime take a look at our case studies.

Why choose us

AltaPay’s mission is to make payments less complicated. We help merchants such as Boozt, Ecco and Molslinjen find new opportunities through payments. Thank you for showing an interest and learning more.

Higher conversion rates

Optimize customer shopping experience across all devices and geographical markets, to achieve best conversion rate. Localized, trustworthy, intuitive payment solution.

Reduced operational costs

AltaPay collects online and/or in-store payment data, automatically reconciles and groups to provide full transparency over costs and settlement.

Full technical flexibility

AltaPay payment gateway supports all common integration formats. You retain full control over payment flow, checkout design, and A/B test at will.