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Meet the Growing Demand of Mobile Payments

AltaPay fully supports compatible payment methods on all mobile devices, internationally.

Accept mobile payments

mobile checkout

Achieve the best payment experience on mobile as you do on web. Gain full flexibility on payment flow and design, with AltaPay taking the risk of storing customer card data.

One click / recurring payments

AltaPay fully supports tokenisation (saving your customer’s payment information). This enables you to offer one-click and recurring payments, ensuring the optimal mobile checkout conversion.

Tailored to your business model

Regardless of what business you are in, we will adjust the payment configuration to your needs.
Here are some of the names we work with:

Pricing of payment methods

AltaPay is offering 50+ international and local payment methods. We also enable a customized checkout experience to boost conversions. Equipped with Financial Reconciliation and Anti Fraud management our solution will help you to increase your sales. Press learn more and reach out to our team to receive a pricing offer for your business.

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Trusted by businesses of all sizes. All over the world, global retailers use the AltaPay platform for accepting payments. Learn how we help merchants to scale their business.

POS payments

Manage your in-store payments. One integration, uniform terminal setup and support, plus single view reporting. Peace of mind for everyone. Discover how we can help your business.