We Take Care of Your Payments

Managing payments can be complicated.
Let us do it for you and make your payments less complicated.

AltaPay is your point of contact

AltaPay's support and boarding team works closely with technical, commercial and financial teams to provide live support whenever necessary for you. On behalf of our clients, we manage and negotiate agreements with banks, payment partners and anti-fraud providers to obtain the most efficient and secure solution at cost-effective rates.

Taking care of all your payment needs:

  • Negotiate agreements on behalf of our clients
  • Collect information and set up all applications
  • Web-shop check to ensure it accommodates all the acquirer requirements are met
  • Manage KYC doc collection as well as submission
  • Advise and connect you to relevant payment partners and 3rd parties
  • Full technical support
Welcome to AltaPay

Once you have decided to chose AltaPay as your payment provider, you want to get live as quickly as possible. Below are the steps to follow to start accept payments.

  • Step 1 - Signing the AltaPay merchant agreement
  • Step 2 - Onboarding process, our boarding team will contact you
  • Step 3 - Technical integration, our support team will contact you
  • Step 4 - Live with AltaPay

For a business like ours that's expanding and has to deal with multiple currencies, different IDs and various payment options for our customers, it's critical that we have one service partner who handles it all in an efficient way. Otherwise administration would explode.

Allan Junge-Jensen, CFO Boozt Fashion AB

It is extremely reassuring to see that when you experience problems, you keep us up to date, and even more importantly you instigate an investigation to establish why the problem occurred. This is extremely encouraging for us as your customer.

DFDS support team