Payment Network

AltaPay supports a host of acquiring banks and 50+ alternative payment methods across multiple sales channels, geographies and currencies. This includes credit and debit card acquiring, bank transfer networks, direct debit, wallets, mobile payment types, online invoicing, pre-paid and gift card networks.

Supported payment methods

We constantly add new payment methods to our platform to meet the requests from millions of consumers.

We chose AltaPay because their solution allows our retailers to use any credit card they want, AltaPay gives us a wide array of options that open doors.

Niels Robin Aagaard, Chief Systems Officer, Trollbeads.
Payment consultation

AltaPay is an expert in providing innovative optimised, cross border payment services to leading brands. Trust our team for consultancy on:

  • Secure cross border trade
  • Payment method selection / provision
  • Multi currency management

As one of the premier digital commerce platforms, it is vital that we are able to continuously expand our payment options, offer the highest converting methods and flows and best possible rates to our customers.

Andrew Schneider, President and Co-Founder, Live Gamer.
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