Supported Platforms

To make payments less complicated AltaPay are pre-integrated with leading international ecommerce platforms and ERP/accounting software solutions, as well as proprietary platforms. This automates the flow of data from front-end; website or point of sale through to back-end; your business interface, removing the need for manual intervention.

Connecting you to a global network of payment partners

AltaPay provides the link and you sign the agreements directly with the various 3rd party partners. The transaction flow is directly between you and end-consumers.

E-commerce platforms

AltaPay have developed modules and provide ongoing support for these leading international ecommerce platforms, with more being added regularly. For more information click on the logos below.

ERP / accounting software solutions

AltaPay support dedicated plugins for major ERP systems / financial accounting software solutions.

Proprietary platforms

These proprietary platforms have pre-integrated AltaPay's payment solution.

For consumers, convenience and simplicity are crucial when it comes to online commerce. This is especially true for the payment process, which can subsequently influence sales and conversion rates. AltaPay is a market leader in payment solutions, and through this partnership, we can help our customers provide the best possible service to consumers all over the world - also in relation to the payment process.

Lars Hedal, CEO Hesehus.
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