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AltaPay and Dynamicweb

A standard integration between AltaPay and the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform which allows merchants to capture, refund and cancel orders directly in Dynamicweb, and to use multiple refund functionality.

About Dynamicweb

One Platform for your whole digital world!

Dynamicweb gives you Content Management, Ecommerce, PIM, Digital Marketing and standard integration to leading ERP and CRM systems - all in a single platform. You benefit from having all your data in one place ready to deliver a personalized and consistent user experience across all digital channels.

Dynamicweb Ecommerce – Grow, optimize and drive revenue

Dynamicweb helps you deliver powerful shopping experiences and simplify complex business processes for both B2B and B2C. Raise conversions, develop your business relationships, increase your bottom line and service your customers through all channels with personalized experiences.

Dynamicweb PIM - Take control of your product information

Working with Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) means fewer applications, integrations and systems. It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it comes with both frontend and backend access. In addition, you get unique capabilities like managing product relationships and live frontend preview

To use AltaPay on your Dynamicweb store you need to install the Dynamicweb package and conduct tests of the payment flow.

Our support team will help you throughout the entire process and we will provide a test setup for accepting cards and alternative payments.
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