AltaPay for
Salesforce ecommerce cloud

As a Salesforce LINK Technology Partner, we are fully integrated into the Salesforce ecommerce cloud Solution to enable any Salesforce users the access to receive card and alternative payments.

Developed for Salesforce users

The AltaPay payments cartridge enables Salesforce clients to quickly and easily integrate the AltaPay payment service into their web and mobile experiences and manage their payment transactions online in a secure, compliant and seamless manner. Read more here.

  • Hosted payment page. No PCI DSS certification necessary
  • Look and feel of the payment page is 100% controlled you
  • 50+ payment methods and we're constantly adding to this
  • Fraud prevention across multiple payment methods, channels, sectors and countries
  • Full settlement and financial reconciliation
  • Secure online payments
  • Seamless integration into the Salesforce checkout process
  • Capture, refund and cancel orders directly from AltaPay payment gateway
To use AltaPay you need to install int_altapay catridge, import 'Metadata_AltaPay.xml' and conduct tests of the payment flow.

Our support team will help you throughout the entire process and we will provide a test setup for accepting cards and alternative payments.
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