point of sales payments

Manage Your In-store Payments

One integration, uniform terminal setup and support, plus single view reporting. Peace of mind for everyone. 

Complete view:
in-store and web

Synchronize the payments and easily see how your business is doing on both sides.

All locations in
one place

PSP, Processing, Acquiring - get it all in one place. Convenient, simple and time-saving. Regardless in how many locations you operate.

Enhance your business decisions with data

We offer you a solution with data consolidation across payment channels and countries.

Manage terminals from one place

Complete control and overview of your fleet with a Central Terminal Management.

Easy integration

Integrate quickly to our payment solutions using one of our trusted partners 

Meet your customer's needs

Support payment methods of the most picky with AltaPay, here are few among others:

Browse best performing payment terminals

Brought with PAX Technology

PAX A920

Can be used as a standalone
or integrated with the cash register

Easily accept payments


Works integrated with the cash register

Tailored to your business

Regardless of what business you are in, we will adjust the payment configuration to your needs.
Here are some of the names we work with:

Pricing of in-store payment solutions

Press learn more and reach out to our team to receive a pricing offer for your business. We will assess your situation, particular needs and will get back to you.

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Test a provided payment terminal.

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Get help with onboarding.

Step 3

Go live.

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Case studies

Trusted by businesses of all sizes. All over the world, global retailers use the AltaPay platform for accepting payments. Learn how we help merchants scale their business.

Online payments

Increase your conversion with online payments. Serve your customers internationally via a single connection. Access to 50+ international and local payment methods.