Omni-Channel Payments

Our Omni-Channel Payment Solution provides the capability to accept card payments and process secure transactions from multiple sources including face to face in-store payments, mobile point of sale (mPOS), ecommerce payment gateways and MOTO through call centres in multiple outlets and countries.

Sell More with Omni-Channel

The AltaPay Omni-Channel Payment gateway routes transactions to multiple acquirers across Europe whilst providing a single centrally deployed payment solution. Not only does the payment gateway offer a unified shopping experience for the customer, the Omni-Channel solution provides the merchant with a complete overview of all transactions across the entire retail estate allowing simple and accurate reporting and reconciliation.

Benefits of Omni-Channel Payments
  • Streamline Sales, Payments & Returns Across Europe
  • Reduce Transaction Friction
  • USA & European Integration & Data Management
  • Reduce Operational Overheads
  • Fully Automated Reconciliation Across All Sales Channels
  • Regulatory Compliance & P2PE Certified
Simplified Omni-Channel Payments Integration

AltaPay has taken the approach to make all integration with our Omni-Channel solution as simple as possible, removing the complexity for the deployment.

The payment gateway processes all major credit & debit cards across Europe, as well as local debit schemes. As a European provider, the solution caters for both online and offline pin, enabling a single integration at the point of sale.

In the card present payment environment, AltaPay provides an easy-to-integrate Point of Sale application, that considerably reduces the time to market for a merchant whilst insuring the payment Transaction is secure. This enables a merchant to do one integration, and roll out across all of Europe.

This simplistic approach to integration continues within our ecommerce card not present solution, with simple and straight forward card payment interfaces available to transact securely with our Omni-Channel payment processing.

AltaPay provide a complete end to end Omni-Channel payment experience. We handle the entire deployment, maintenance, support, applications, track and trace and reconciliation from a single reliable and powerful platform unlike any other.

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Reassurance with Tokenisation, P2PE and PCI Compliance

Our Omni-Channel payment processing solution provides all the functionality a merchant requires within all payment environments with the security provided by Tokenisation and P2PE certification.

As a European provider, the solution caters for both online and offline pin, enabling a single integration at the point of sale. The fast, safe and unique multi-channel payment solutions offered by AltaPay ensure the highest levels of compliance requirements are met in single payment solution.

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