Powering Online Payments

Serve your customers internationally via a single connection. Our online payment platform gives access to 50+ international and local payment methods, in all relevant markets, and with all pre-requisite functionalities supported.

Reach shoppers from all around the world

Consumer payment preference differs greatly, with many choosing alternative methods over traditional credit and debit card networks. Adapting to local preferences leads to increased checkout conversion and optimised customer experience.

Explore our popular payment methods
We cover your payment needs

Through established relationships with a wide range of payment partners, we consult and negotiate commercial terms in line with changing rates and demands. By managing all your applications, we streamline KYC document collection and submission.

AltaPay make sure you get the optimal payment solution base on your business needs and long-term ambitions.

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Payments less complicated
Flexible checkout
  • Once checkout flow kicks in AltaPay takes over hosting
  • This can happen at any stage
  • Having collected the design from your server we automatically replicate
  • Producing a fully customisable checkout experience which you control
E-commerce platforms

We are pre-integrated with key e-commerce platforms to make it easy for you to start accepting payments. All modules are directly integrated into AltaPay, allowing for a seamless flow of information.

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A/B testing

Our Adapt integration option provides complete freedom to A/B test at will. Optimise your payment flow for the best consumer checkout experience.

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Financial reconciliation

Enjoy the benefits of our automated reconciliation service, developed to reduce workload for your finance team.

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Anti fraud management

Want to safeguard your online revenue? We help you to achieve the right balance between fraud prevention and ease of payment.

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We chose AltaPay because their solution allows our retailers to use any credit card they want

Niels Robin Aagaard, Chief Systems Officer for Trollbeads
Higher conversion rates

We help leading brands achieve higher conversion rates and improve customer checkout experience.

Improved customer experience

We provide all relevant payment methods for your target markets, allowing consumers to pay the way they wish.

Want to increase your conversion rate?

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