Unified Reporting

Identify your customers no matter where they buy. Receive unified reports across all sales channels, geographies, payment methods and service providers.

Financial reconciliation

AltaPay makes data less complicated by collecting transaction data (e-commerce or in-store) and post settlement data. This allows us to automatically reconcile; producing transparency over costs, when funds are settled, and associated chargebacks and refunds.

Group data to match business requirements

Custom data groups can be set up to match the way your business analyses information. This further reduces the need for manual intervention. Reports can be viewed online, or remitted via API.

Conversion analysis

Optimising payment conversion relies on being able to pinpoint why transactions are approved/declined, or baskets abandoned. Our portfolio of reports provides you the tools for analysis.

ERP/Acounting software solutions

For a seamless flow of data from front to back end, AltaPay support dedicated plugins to the following ERP/financial accounting systems.

Got questions?

Our financial tools have helped leading brands reduced the level of administrative work and we would love to help you as well