A Certified Payment Solution

The AltaPay PCI P2PE Certified payment solution enables merchants to reduce the scope of achieving PCI DSS Compliance. By deploying our certified P2PE solution, merchants benefit from a significant cost reduction achieved through secure centralisation, standardisation and simplification of the Omni-Channel payment process.

Understanding PCI P2PE

Point to point encryption, more commonly known as P2PE is the most secure way of protecting card payment data in conjunction with Tokenisation. Cardholder data is encrypted at the point of purchase which ensures no sensitive information is exposed which could lead to card data being stolen. Each payment device is “key injected” which is used to encrypt card payment data and render any cardholder data useless until decrypted by the secure card payment gateway.

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Benefits of working with AltaPay for PCI P2PE compliancy

As a PCI DSS & PCI P2PE Certified solution provider, AltaPay can dramatically reduce the scope of PCI DSS for merchants simply by reducing the number of controls a merchant must go through to secure their store environment.

As an international payment provider, our P2PE certification enables a merchant to deploy the same solution across an entire European store estate, benefitting from the economies of scale a centralised solution brings, whilst also reducing the cost of achieving PCI DSS Compliance.

  • Reduce exposure to PCI DSS Compliance
  • A single PCI DSS solution across Europe
  • Significantly reduces the cost of compliance
  • Enables centralised certification

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Working with AltaPay to achieve P2PE

Currently, European merchants are required to adopt different payment technologies that comply with specific regulations from each country. This is much simpler if operating in one location, but things become complex when organisations grow internationally - a path most want to follow.

Maintaining this level of compliance across a raft of countries is complex and time consuming, leading to high costs and a lack of essential services. For example, many organisations are unable to offer refunds across borders – something the modern consumer both expects and demands.

Alongside this, the fragmentation means merchants don’t have access to a full customer journey, making personalised services – a must in the modern world – close to impossible. This problem is no longer an issue when working with AltaPay.

How can you benefit from P2PE?

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