Tokenisation sits at the heart of our Omni-Channel Payment solution, providing the security and customer insight needed to deliver secure, fast and engaging customer experiences.

How does it work?

Put simply, Tokenisation involves replacing a customer’s bank account or card details with a unique identifier or "token". This identifier replaces the sensitive information and can then be tracked across any payment type, such as online, in-store point of sale, on mobile and anything in between.

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Why is Tokenisation important?

The benefits of Tokenisation extend beyond the obvious security advantages of not having to hold sensitive financial data. For the customer, it means they don’t have to identify themselves every time they make a purchase, which speeds up transaction times, improves service and satisfaction.

For merchants, simplifying the payments process improves sales conversion, reduces the burden of PCI compliance and offers unique insight into customer behaviour. And, because a token remains unique to an individual customer across any channel, it means merchants can more easily offer loyalty schemes, incentives and discounts automatically – no matter how that customer chooses to shop.

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How can Tokenisation benefit my business?

If you would like to hear about our specific Tokenisation offering or our wider Omni-Channel Payment solution, please get in touch.